Available is 3 sizes – Small 9½ x 10″, Medium 14½ x 14″ and Large 14 x 19″
New Fido Cylinder jars available in 7 sizes – 4 oz thru 50 oz Also great for canning and pickling
Great for canning, fermentation and pickling
Available in 4 sizes – 4 oz, 8½ oz, 17 oz and 34 oz Suitable for sparkling water Airtight seal Great for fermentation and pickling
ChouAmi Fermentation Kit Chou = cabbage, Ami = friend A unique and simple fermentation device An easy and elegant way to make your own sauerkraut or pickles at home in small batches Keeps fermented foods submerged beneath brine Allows carbon dioxide gas to escape safely Permits room-temperature process, at home Maintains an anaerobic environment for successful fermentation – – – – – Kit includes: ChouAmi (all stainless steel): Ring, Cap, Moat (with gasket), Press, Spring, Wide-mouth Familia Wiss Terrine by Le Parfait: 1 liter terrine Sealing Cap Screw Lid
Plastic Bag Dryer Don’t just toss plastic bags and bottles. Down To Earth’s 14″” tall wooden rack allows you to dry up to eight items at once. Great for zip-top sandwich bags and plastic water bottles, our Plastic Bag Dryer allows you to reuse items that would either end up in the landfill or recycling box. It is also good for pastry and icing bags. The sliding ring allows for easy folding and storage, and the removable base allows the dryer to convert to hanging model.
Crocks & Shoulder Bowls  
Organic cotton reusable vegetable preservation bag