Holiday teas are available in tins, loose, sachets & tagalongs. Another favorite flavor is White Christmas
Teabags, Tins with Sachets, Loose & Decaffeinated
Wedding Tagalongs Minimum 20 Tins Mutan white tea, with a touch of lemon-vanilla to taste, pink rosebuds and petals. Created exclusively for weddings and bridal showers to inspire long lasting happiness, Harney & Sons’ bridal tea is an exotic blend of rare white tea, pink rosebuds, vanilla and lemon. White tea is delicate and subtle, and consists of new buds plucked before they open, representing the beginning of a marriage that blossoms over time. These buds have a silvery white appearance and have health benefits similar to those of green tea. Five…
Harney iced tea is available 9 flavors including Black, Green & Caffeine Free Also available for food service in one gallon pouches  
A complex blend of black tea with fruit flavors, spice, and flowers
Classic Chai
Flavored Black Tea with Peppermint, Chocolate & Vanilla
#01-0559 Prominent notes of caramel atop a base of decadent black tea. Ingredients: Black tea, natural caramel flavor, Himalayan salt and natural vanilla flavor.